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Here you will find my work from Intro to Social Media at the University of Florida.
Course Description: This course exposes students to various social media channels and their application in current media and business. The course examines the current habits in social media, trends, and evolution in social communication to provide a better understanding of the relationship between the different social channels and how they can be used to serve to build brands, and play a role in business growth. The course will also focus on content creation and how to build content that performs well in social media, including a focus on social analytics and viral campaigns. Students are provided an opportunity to have a first-hand experience in creating content on their own social channel and testing the theories and concepts presented in lecture.

#IWill ~ A Social Media Engagement Idea for Athleta

(DISCLAIMER: This is a piece of fiction. It is an idea generated for my Intro to Social Media class. Athleta has no knowledge of this or endorsement of it to my knowledge) The #IWill Campaign OBJECTIVES: There are two specific objectives for this campaign: Increase followers on Pinterest by 15%  (approximately 2250) Increase followers on […]
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I have flip-flopped for a few days on this dilemma. What’s the single most important social channel for CNN? (my most recent employer**) Facebook? Twitter? Vine? Instagram? I even conducted a little social engagement of my own, tapping my Facebook (the irony) focus group of journalist friends with a little poll. The majority answered Facebook […]
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