I am Kelly Frank Green, a journalist and writer with more than 20 years experience creating informative, emotional and provocative programming. I’ve been honored and lucky to work for some of the best in the business: CNN, NBC & Fox News. I now work at the CBS affiliate 10 Tampa Bay as Director of Content.

squaredanceI started this page in 2014 as an assignment for my Masters program in Mass Communications with a specialization in Social  Media at the University of Florida, the only program of its kind in the country at that time.  I left some of my assignments here but have migrated this into more of a blog and creative outlet. This pandemic sucks. It’s 2021 and we are on what feels like wave 3 and my once creative job has become something different. Not bad. Different. I found I need a creative outlet. So that’s my hope for this space. Even if no one reads it, it’s my cathartic corner of the web. 

I am west coast born, mid-west developed, east coast loving and southern undecided. I believe the world is small but awesome and have journalism to thank for that.  Social Media is making the world even smaller by placing the most far-reaching places, struggles and communities in the palms of our hands. It’s also divided us in ways I think we never saw happening early on.   

I am experiencing the wonder of discovery through my two little girls Gracie and Avery who aren’t so little anymore. They were 2 and 1 when I started this page. They are now bright, curious, sassy 2nd and 3rd graders. They teach me all the time and are a consistent slice of humble pie daily.

I am a diehard Buckeye Football fan (Is there any other kind?) I am a student of the cello – a pandemic curiosity that has become a passion. I created the A Music Journey on this site to share that experience with you. I’ll likely talk about Pearl Jam there too. They are my jam.  I’m a willing-to-try-anything Foodie and I think Mexican food is the nectar of the gods. I believe yoga can cure what ails you and unfortunately don’t practice as much as I should. I believe macaroni and cheese can make a bad day good. I know nothing compares to the love of a good person and I have one to walk through life with. I believe friends are my touchstones and travel will cleanse your soul. Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet. Feel free to drop me a line. I love a good chat. will take your praise and will banter about your criticism.

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