I am Kelly Frank Green, a journalist and writer with more than 18 years experience creating informative, emotional and provocative programming. I’ve been honored and lucky to work for some of the best in the business: CNN, NBC & Fox News. I now work at the CBS affiliate in Columbus, Ohio as Director of News & Digital Content.

kftouchedA few years ago while an Executive Producer at CNN, I became an  early adopter of all things social media, mobile and digital. It became a    passion almost instantly.

I am taking my fortunate hands-on experience and deepening it by pursuing a  Master’s degree in Mass Communications with a specialization in Social  Media at the University of Florida, the only program of its kind in the  country.  I’m fascinated by this medium that spreads the most powerful tool  the human race has in a nanosecond: Words.

I am west coast born, mid-west developed, east coast loving and southern undecided. I believe the world is small but awesome and have journalism to thank for that.  Social Media is making the world even smaller by placing the most far-reaching places, struggles and communities in the palms of our hands. I want to be a leader in education, understanding and strategy for this medium.

I am experiencing the wonder of discovery through my two little girls.

I am a diehard Buckeye Football fan (Is there any other kind?) I am an Aspiring Yogi, a willing-to-try-anything Foodie and I think Mexican food is the nectar of the gods. I believe yoga can cure what ails you. I believe macaroni and cheese can make a bad day good. I know nothing compares to the love of a good person and I have one to walk through life with. I believe friends are my touchstones and travel will cleanse your soul. Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the interwebs. Feel free to drop me a line. I love a good chat and am open to feedback.

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  2. Hi Kelly! My name is Buffy Six and I am an undergrad student at Marshall University in WV, and I’m looking at the University of Florida’s online social media master’s program. I would really like to get in touch with you for advice and your story of UFL. If you could, please email me at buffym6@gmail.com and thank you!


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