Monthly Archives: June 2015

The Awesome Visual-Storytelling-Sharing-Social App You Aren’t Using But Should

Doing what I do for a living and working towards a Masters Degree in Social Media, I am often asked “What’s your favorite app or social platform?”  The typical ones roll off the tongue but in the top three or four, you’ll find Storehouse. I’m always a little stunned when people say, “Store-what?” Storehouse is […]
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All-Access Pass: It’s Not Just for the VIP Anymore

Assignment Snapshot: Explain why people in the following roles should use social media – i.e. how would they benefit: Foreign news correspondent. Local beat editor. Photojournalist at TV News. The All-Access Pass. It’s kind of a right of passage when you become a journalist. Your photo is snapped. A number is assigned. A logo is embossed. You get […]
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Ali Velshi: “Hairless Prophet of Doom” Turned Social Media Evangelist

Assignment Snapshot: Find a reporter who is enhancing their journalism through their use of social media. Explain why. Write a 500 word feature, including screen grabs of their social media activity. You may wish to conduct an original interview with your subject. Ali Velshi doesn’t sleep. No one will ever convince me otherwise. He’s the most […]
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