The CVS App (…because sometimes there just isn’t a clever title)

CVS Sells Disposable Camcorders

Our marching orders this week? Download a mobile app for a product/service/company. Share a little about it. Does it offer discounts? Coupons? Reviews? Does it include GPS features? How useful is this app? The following is for the Masters Degree program specializing in Social Media at the University of Florida. The observations and opinions are 100% mine from using the app but the purpose here is academic…

When it comes to pharmacies, your town is probably a lot like mine: one on every corner. I hate to say it but I don’t really have brand loyalty to CVS or Walgreens. I downloaded the CVS app because friends kept telling me how convenient it is for printing photos from your phone.

Yes. I actually print photos and keep photo albums. It’s a lost art but I figure someday my little girls will appreciate it.

So back to the CVS app. If you haven’t downloaded it, I highly recommend you do. It’s pretty much an all-inclusive pharmacy experience (short of actually giving you your drugs). Here’s a quick rundown of what it offers:

CVS App Menu
  • Mobile Pharmacy
  • Extra Care Card section where you can keep track of purchases
  • Minute Clinic location search
  • Mobile Shopping
  • Photo Printing from your phone, an account or Facebook
  • Drug Interaction Search
  • Pill Identifier
  • Weekly Ad


The pharmacy and photo sections are the ones I would use most. You create an account and store your information and go from there. The pharmacy section of the app offers a little more though. You can easily transfer a prescription from one pharmacy to another and it doesn’t have to be CVS to CVS. It’s competitor to CVS. It certainly makes that process a little easier. Additionally you can add all your family medications together in one section and manage it. You can opt to receive text alerts when prescriptions are close to refill or ready to be picked up. Another nice feature within the pharmacy section is being able to scan your refill.

Scan your refill

You simply open up that section, select your location, add your name and email as shown and then a small window will appear for you to scan your prescription bottle. Information is sent. Just wait for the text to pick it up.


The other part of the app that’s pretty awesome is printing your photos right from your phone. You log in, choose your store and select away. You can print different sizes and as many copies as you like. You will receive an email shortly after doing it to confirm your order and then you will receive another email when the photos are ready. With all the photos trapped in my smart phone, it’s nice to have a completely effortless way to set them free.


The app does provide discounts and coupons in a couple different ways. First, there is the weekly ad. This can be personalized to everything you buy or you can just check out what’s in your local store.  There is also access to your CVS ExtraCare card which awards discounts and deals as you continue to buy. As you can see there are banners at the top of the app’s menu page featuring discounts:

The app will geo-locate you when you search for a store, search for a minute clinic, shop online or send your photos off. It occasionally has a pop-up survey to get your feedback on the app which can be annoying. The good thing is, there is a whole feedback section so if the pop-up annoys you, feel free to register a complaint.

Overall, I find it to be pretty useful. If you are someone who relies on medication, the text alert reminders and drug interaction notifications are invaluable.

For someone like me who doesn’t always need a pharmacy, the quick photo service is pretty cool. Throw in the ability to shop online when school, motherhood, work and life keep me slammed and you have a winner. I may have to rethink that loyalty thing after all.

12 thoughts on “The CVS App (…because sometimes there just isn’t a clever title)

  1. Very similar to your CVS app is the Walgreens app. As you mention, there is either a CVS or Walgreens on every corner and I feel the majority of consumers are like you in the sense that most do not hold a brand preference between the two. I used to not have a preference but I switched my prescriptions to Walgreens a few years ago and haven’t looked back. I now hold preference to their brand thanks to the app as it allows me to earn points and eventually rewards simply for spending money I would already be spending. I haven’t used the Walgreens app for much other than to refill my prescriptions or to earn points, now that I see everything the CVS app has to offer, I’m curious to explore the uses of the Walgreens app more. I think apps like this are actually helping companies achieve brand loyalty more as I never go to CVS now since I’m focused on building up my points. After all, I would never sacrifice points for convenience when there is almost always a Walgreens right near the CVS that is equally as convenient.


    • Thanks for commenting Kayla. I knew Walgreens had an app. I haven’t used it but probably should. I am going to guess they are very similar. I admire your loyalty!
      I really don’t see a difference and tend to go with the closest to my house–which at this point is CVS. I also think once all your information is in one system, it’s easier. Who wants to deal with all that?


  2. Hey Kelly,

    After reading your post I am now a believer in the CVS app. It seems like CVS really took the time to create an app that contained the best parts of a mobile shopping experience and on top of that they made it very user friendly. I appreciate organizations that take their time to create something worthwhile and beneficial it shows that they care about the consumer and want to treat them right. It is because of actions like these that bring in new customers and also creates loyal ones.

    I like the fact that you added photos of the different parts of the app to your post – that was a nice touch. I was wondering if you had a chance to read the reviews of the app in the App Store and see what other users thought of it? I definitely will download the app and if it works as smoothly as you had described then I have no problem recommending it to my friends and family.


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    • Really good point! I did not read the reviews. In part–it was because I didn’t want to be swayed. It’s sort of a “best practice” from my journalism environment. I do my own research…then write.
      What I find about most app reviews is that they are less about the actual content and more about crashes or techy bugs. I don’t know if that is the case with the CVS app but it tends to be common in reviews. Thanks for commenting on my blog!


  3. Hi Kelly!
    This sounds like a great app! I love that you are able to print photos from your phone. I too love to make albums full of pictures, you’re not alone! Much like everyone else, I primarily take photos via my phone just because it is always with me. I have so many that I want/need to print but wasn’t 100% sure how to go about it. I’ll have to check this app out.
    I also am impressed that there are coupons and discounts available. For the most part I think a lot of company’s mobile apps are simply condensed versions of their online website and coupons are not always an option. Maybe storewide deals or sales are available but never really coupons.
    I think its great that company’s like CVS are making such user-friendly apps that genuinely make life a bit easier.

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  4. Hi Kelly,

    This really does sound like a useful app. I will have to download it and check it out. I find that my photos do live on my phone and I never get around to printing them. I think the last photo album I have I put together 9 years ago when my daughter was an infant. Shameful on my part! This feature alone would be worth having this app.

    I can see other useful features as well, like the ExtraCard access. I am always getting the paper coupons from CVS but lose them before I am able to use them so this would also be useful to me.
    The other thing that sounded interesting was the fact that CVS makes it easy to transfer your prescriptions to not only other CVS’s but to competitors. This really shows how customer service oriented they are and will provide this service for the benefit of convenience to the customer.

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    • Thanks for commenting Stephanie. I pass no judgement on your photo experience! Motherhood is hard!! I just posted in another comment that I am doing my best to keep up with the photos until they are at least 2. After that, all bets are off 🙂
      I haven’t used the transfer option but I bet that is helpful.
      For me, the photo printing is what sucks me in every time!


  5. Great Post. Maybe you could have a new career as the digital Clark Howard, except not as cheep or nerdy.

    Now this is an app that makes total sense. I am going to suggest it for my wife. So many of the apps I’ve seen are a real stretch because the purchases don’t line up with an instantaneous or spur-of-the-moment shopping experience.

    Drug stores are like that, though. You either pop in for something or are in and out getting prescriptions filled or photos developed. All of these things can be aided by an app.

    A retail app is by nature a short cut to visiting a website or a phone call or a visit. The photo function and the prescription function are natural and intuitive ways to streamline the process.

    CVS has a very smart marketing department. They always seem to maximize technology. Their little scan card is the only one I keep in my wallet. I do this because they give real discounts and meaningful coupons when I use it. This app seems to be an extension of that great thinking.

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    • You are absolutely right about the CVS card. I can’t believe I am actually writing that but it is true. All the other cards don’t seem to accomplish much other than logging your habits.
      I get $10 and $5 off all the time.

      I actually have met Clark a few times. My partner used to be his HLN boss. He’s a nice guy but you are right 🙂
      Great at finding a deal though!


  6. Wow, I had no idea about the photo printing option! Please thank your friends for telling you about this so that you could tell us about it. We were just at CVS last night for an emergency Silly String purchase (long story), and I would totally have printed out a few photos while I was there. All of these things seem tailor made to instilling the exact sort of brand loyalty that, if you and I are any indication, tends not to exist with drug stores for some reason. (Ah, but speaking of which, does the app let you transfer your prescription from CVS to somewhere else?) The personalized weekly ad seems a little confining, though: Drug stores tend to lend themselves to impulse purchases, Silly String notwithstanding, and I’d imagine it would be beneficial to remind people about all kinds of other stuff that’s for sale.

    Oh, and as always, you have easily the best-looking blog I’ve seen in any of these classes.

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    • Ha! Thanks Eric. You can thank the Intro to Multimedia Communications class with Jaclyn Rhoads. We had to blog every week. Forced me to learn. Thanks though. It’s nice when someone notices.
      Silly String huh… sounds like an entry unto itself.
      Yea–the photo thing is the kicker for me as well, especially because I am in the baby book building phase still. I figure after age 2 I can slack off in that department 🙂
      I’m with you on the personalization part of the weekly ad. Good thing is if you are really interested in it– you don’t have to personalize it.


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