Daily Archives: July 7, 2014

Life Is Too Short To Drink Bad Wine…

(Assignment Snapshot: Pick an industry you are interested in and review an industry-related social network. Give details, target audience, how it works, overall thoughts, could it incorporate proximity marketing, what other channels work well with it as it relates to IMC) Are you zany for zombies? Perhaps you feel a higher calling and wonder if […]
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Parked in Neutral: One Girl’s Vote on “Thumb”

(Assignment Snapshot: Midterm Project for Intro to Multimedia Communication, MMC5006, University of Florida (Masters Program in Social Media) Comprehensively review a social media channel assigned to you (in this case Thumb) and become a subject matter expert, providing history, effective practices, enhancements, etc.¬†Your mid-term should be from a brand’s point of view, meaning don’t explain […]
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