Mom & Wifepope Journalist & StudentCNN2I am west coast born, mid-west developed, east coast loving and southern undecided. I believe the world is small but awesome and have journalism to thank for that. I am currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Mass Communications with a specialization in Social Media at the University of Florida. I’m fascinated by this medium that spreads the most powerful tool out there in a nanosecond: Words.

I am experiencing the wonder of discovery through my two little girls. Buckeye Football & Yankee Baseball Fan.  Aspiring Yogi. Foodie. I think Mexican food is the nectar of the gods. I believe yoga can cure what ails you. I believe macaroni and cheese can make a bad day good. I know nothing compares to the love of a good person and I have one to walk through life with. I believe friends are my touchstones and travel will cleanse your soul.

Thanks for stopping by...Namaste.

Thanks for stopping by…Namaste.

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